CMS Marine to support Lizzy's campaign

29th May, 2014

Thanks to CMS Marine, Lizzy’s Mini has been fitted with a SonicShield antifouling device; a great help in saving costs towards coats of antifoul paint. 

The device sends pulses of Ultrasonic frequencies to deter micro organisms from attaching themselves to the boat’s hull. The removal of these micro organisms is important in the antifouling process as their presence create a habitat / food source for larger aquatic organisms such as barnacles.

The pulsing of the transducers creates areas of negative and positive pressure resulting in micro jets surrounding the boats hull leading to the destruction of the single cell micro organisms (Algae). This pulsing effectively creates an invisible shield around the boats hull protecting it from these micro organisms commonly referred to as Bio-Foul. This Bio-foul is the first stage in the overall marine food chain and the removal of such Bio-foul results in the removal of the food source for larger aquatic wildlife such as barnacles.

The ultra high frequencies are not harful to humans, fish, plant life or any other marine based life forms- safe and cost effective! 

To see the Sonic Shield in action, watch the video here: